Pool Excavation, Removal and Fill-Ins

We are highly experienced in pool excavation, having excavated hundreds of pools for the do-it-yourselfers to some of the best local pool contracting companies. Because of our experience we are able to help the do-it-yourself homeowner in setting up their pool location and grade as well as any additional things like retaining walls, and concrete pads and walk ways. It can be overwhelming but with 20 years' experience in the pool excavation business we can get the job done correctly and efficiently making the process worry free.

Because we are set up to dig pools it is a natural transition to fill them in. We have steel plates to put down if needed so that when the job is completed and we leave you will never know we were there. Demolishing and removing your pool and bringing in fill and topsoil to bring your backyard back to its original state. If requested we will also bring in sod and lay it for you over the new topsoil. We have the equipment and know how to complete the whole job from start to finish.

Foundation Excavation and Exposure

No foundation or addition is too big or small to excavate. We have excavators, loaders and bobcats ranging in sizes. With two tri axle dump trucks we can haul any excess dirt away. If you have problems with your existing foundation we will excavate and expose the foundation walls to make the appropriate repairs.

Septic System Construction, Installation and Repair

Licensed septic installer and member of the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association we stay educated on the newest and latest septic system technology. We are able to install the most efficient and cost effective system for your home and property.

Armour Stone and Retaining Walls

From start to the finish we can work with the contractor or homeowner. We will excavate and prep the site, pick out and haul in the armour stone, place, backfill, and do any finish grading. We have the tools and equipment to cut, fit, and place the stone professionally and efficiently.


We are the company for all your demolition needs may it be something as big as a whole house and foundation or something as small as a garage or addition. Whatever the job entitles with the equipment we have we can do it professionally and on time, demolishing and removing the structures and their foundations.