Residential Demolition In Hamilton Area​

For all your residential demolition needs in Hamilton area.​

Residential Demolition

We are the demolition company for all your residential demolition needs. May it be something as big as a whole house and foundation or something as small as a garage or addition.

Whatever the job entitles with the equipment we have we can do it professionally and on time, demolishing and removing the structures and their foundations.


House Demolition


Garage Demolition

Demolishing of old pools and backyard restoration.​

Demolishing of old pools and backyard restoration.​

As we are set up to dig pools, it is a natural transition to fill them in.

We will demolish and remove your pool and bring in fill and topsoil to bring your backyard back to its original state.

If requested, we will also bring in sod and lay it for you over the new topsoil.

We have steel plates to lay down if needed so that when the job is completed and we leave, you will never know we were there.

We have the equipment and know-how to complete the whole job from start to finish in backyard restoration and demolish old pools.

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